Power Thought

Holy greetings ACFM Family! Love, peace, and God's blessings upon you and yours forever and always, in Jesus' name.

Today's Power Thought:

God has a problem, yes God! He is trying to solve a problem with the condition of this world, nations, people, families, lives, and even His own Church.

The question is...will you be God's solution to His own problem?Since it was He that gave you more than you could ever dream or imagine. Frankly, He gave you more than you deserve!

Isaiah answers that question and solved God's problem.

"And then I heard the voice of the Master:

"Whom shall I send?

Who will go for us?"

I spoke up,"I'll go.

Send me!" -Isaiah 6:8

Will you go for God? He promises, if you go, He will be with you! Aren't you glad that we will never go lonely, lacking, or lifeless when He is with us.

Now, get up and go for the GOAL..God On Another Level. Concern yourself with what concerns God...souls!

--Pastor Aaron Jackson

Don’t Worry About a Thing​​​​​​ Phil. 4:6-7​​​​​​​​

We have every reason to worry in this world as we see sin, hatred, and destruction abounding. Cop killings, preacher killings, and church shootings have become common place. There are hardships, layoffs, broken marriages and families, calamity and chaos all around, nonetheless God wants us not to worry and possess His peace. It is God's desire that we rest in peace because He promises to take care of us when no one else will or can. We must remember that Jesus cares!

What does it mean to care?

Care—an uneasy fearful feeling about the outcome of a circumstance. Hidden and ensconced in every command of God is His precious promise of victory and success. Therefore, God commands us not to worry.

When people tell you to take care, tell them that's God's job and yours is to take peace!

➢ (1 Pet. 5:7-10) “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.” It is possible to maintain peace while suffering or experiencing hardship.

Peace reminds us of God's integrity (truthfulness) and fidelity (trustworthiness) which addresses God's virtue (His capacity to act or take action) on our behalf.

Many people say, “God can handle the big stuff and I’ll take care of the little stuff.” However, to God it’s all little stuff! And if we don’t give God all of it He wants none of it…

(Phil. 4:6) “Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer…”

 (Phil. 4:7,9) "Once we have the God of peace, we can experience the peace of God." Peace is not the absence or dismissing of problems, pain and pressure; it’s the acknowledgement and admission of the Lord’s presence, power and promises. (Heb. 13:5-6) Lord is my Helper! This confession and belief dissolves any kind of worry.

With agape,

Pastor Aaron Jackson

Can You See It?

Vision is absolutely vital in reaching a goal or the arrival to a certain destination which can also be called destiny. Consider what the scripture says,

And then God answered: "Write this. Write what you see. Write it out in big block letters so that it can be read on the run. This vision-message is a witness pointing to what's coming. It aches for the coming—it can hardly wait! And it doesn't lie. If it seems slow in coming, wait. It's on its way. It will come right on time. --Hab. 2:2-3

Vision serves as an agent of change and without vision discouragement, dilution, and death are inevitable. When God gives us vision personally or corporately through leadership; His intentions are for us to experience growth, gain, and His glory. Each of these require our individual, corporate and collective participation and effort in order to attain what God has purposed for our lives. The following are paramount in the fulfillment of "Vision": We must Catch, Carry, and Contribute to the Vision. This is true with family and ministry.

In ministry, the "Vision" will not materialize until you, yes...you, commit to God and connect with leadership to the point where your energy and focus is to be an active component in the fulfillment process. This involves buying-in to the "Vision" by having sight of it, selling the "Vision" by living it, and making the "Vision" a reality by contributing to it.

No matter how anointed, talented, or gifted your leadership might be, you must Catch, Carry, and Contribute to the "Vision" in order to ensure its success. Waiting means to serve! Can you see it?

--Pastor Aaron Jackson

Through the Valley

Have you ever been in a valley in life? A natural valley is a depression between two high points. A spiritual valley can be considered a crisis. A crisis is: a difficult or dangerous situation that needs serious attention. A turning point in one's life for the better or worse. An emotionally, physically, or spiritually significant event or radical change that can either debilitate or liberate a your life. In the midst of your crisis is not a time to lose your faith in God; it’s a time to learn more about the God you placed your faith in. Satan wants you to be distracted, discouraged, and depressed in the depression (valley).

How do you get through your valley?

1. Acknowledge the reality of the valley. See Psalm 23:4

Tell God what your going through or what your situation is. (Keep in mind He already knows but He wants you to bring it to Him)

But thereafter Don't confess your issue; don't sensationalize your issue. Rather confess where you want to be. Declare the future you want to see! (Our words frame our world)

2. Announce your response in the valley. See Psalm 23:4

David said "I WILL fear no evil!" Why? Because The Lord is your Shepherd! God never commands our feelings but He will command our Will.

Fear is overcome by WILL not by our FEELINGS!

3.  Appeal to the reasons you are in the valley...

Psalms 23:4 says "for You are with me"...

If the Lord is your Shepard, then He is leading you. Therefore, He is leading you into the valley for a reason.

What is He trying to teach you? What does He want you to know? Do you trust Him enough to keep following Him?

Do you believe He can protect you from the wolves that are sure to come?

We get through the valley by trusting God as we enter, go through and are led out of the valley.

Navigate through your crisis, your situation, or valley experience by acknowledging God and the fact that He is with you. No matter how strong you are, you are no match for the devil! You can't win without God.

Remember that the valley leads to another high point in your life called destiny or your destination. In order to get there, you must go through your valleys in life.